There's a Rich History in the Lake of the Woods!

          The history of the area goes back eons. During the Ice Age, four major ice sheets covered northern Minnesota. When the glaciers withdrew, a lake formed between the height of the land to the south and the ice walls to the north. Known as Glacial Lake Agassiz, it submerged the county as well as part of the rest of Minnesota, North Dakota and a large portion of Canada. Eventually this lake shrank to leave the Lake of the Woodssportsmanswinterlandscapecopy.jpg as a remnant body of water. The waters of the Lake of the Woods, like those of Lake Agassiz, flow north to empty into Hudson Bay. Lake of the Woods is the biggest lake in Minnesota hosting 14,000 islands & 1 million acres of water stretching from Minnesota into Canada.

          Native Americans, especially the Anishinaabe (Chippewa) band in more recent years were the first known settlers to the area. The area was explored by voyageurs, trappers, traders, missionaries and more that were intrigued by the beauty and potential of the area.

          The lake area also attracted loggers and commercial fishermen. The sport fishermen came last, but have staked the biggest, most sustainable claim on the Lake. Commercial netting was ceased back in the 1970's on the Minnesota side of the Lake and the sport fishing has become consistently more productive with a healthy population of good eating size walleyes and breeding stock.

          The Lodge stands on the land that was once Jeseme's Resort and Jones' Resort on the Rainy River. Dwain Beckel and his family built, owned and managed the resort until 1994 when it was purchased by Jerry and LuAnn Hennum and family. Their 3 children all worked in all capacities of the resort over the years , but it was Gregg and his wife Diana, that decided to jump in with both feet and bought the resort from Jerry and LuAnn in 2004.

          It continues to be a family affair with daughter Jacki working in marketing, Jerry running the passenger service and LuAnn keeping busy with a few projects and watching the grandchildren as often as she can.

          We all hope you will enjoy seeing our continuous progress as we strive to make this one of your favorite places to visit!

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Three dining venues and live entertainment

Legendary Lake of the Woods

Groups of up to 300
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