There's A Rich History Surrounding Oak Island

          During the Ice Age, four major ice sheets covered northern Minnesota. When the glaciers withdrew, a lake formed iodock.JPGbetween the height of the land to the south and the ice walls to the north. Known as Glacial Lake Agassiz, it submerged the county as well as part of the rest of Minnesota, North Dakota, and a large portion of Canada. Eventually, this lake shrank to leave the Lake of the Woods as a remnant body of water. The waters of the Lake of the Woods, like those of Lake Agassiz, flow north to empty into Hudson Bay.  Lake of the Woods is the 6th largest lake in the United States. It is the 
the largest lake in Minnesota hosting 14,000 islands and 1 million acres stretching from Minnesota into Canada.

Oak Island Lodge

          Originally Sportsman's Oak Island Lodge was known as Bonnie Brae Resort. Bonnie Brae was built in the 1950's and ran for many years by Bonnie herself and then Mr. McClanathan until 2003 when the Hennum family acquired this island hideaway. 

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